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Custom Dosing P.C.
Crown Point, IN 219-662-5602

CustomMed Apothecary, LLC
Looking for information about compounding pharmacies as seen on Oprah, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors? Well You're at the right place!
Indianapolis, IN 317-803-3436

CustomPlus Pharmacy
CustomPlus Pharmacy is a professional, full-service pharmacy offering fast, friendly, and personalized service with competitive pricing. We accept most major prescription plans and provide delivery for our local customers.
West Lafayette, IN 765-463-2600

Dr. Aziz Pharmacy/Health Care Solutions
Compounding combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing specially trained professionals to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs.
Indianapolis, IN 317-842-5771

Eagle Highland Pharmacy
Walker's & Wheel Chairs, Scooters, Lift Chairs, Crutches, Catheters & Incontinence Supplies, Canes, Bathroom Safety Products, Wound Care Supplies, Support Stockings & Orthopedic Braces, Ostomy Products
Indianapolis, IN 317-299-3771

GreenLeaf Apothecary
The compounding pharmacists at GreenLeaf Apothecary believe that tailoring medications based on an individual’s needs is the best way to achieve optimal results.
Fishers, IN 317-436-8328

Herbst Compounding Pharmacy
Our newest pharmacy specializes in prescription compounding to meet the needs of our customers who can not take commercial medicine or who would benefit from the customization of compounding.
Kokomo, IN 765-452-9000

Hook's Apothecary
Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. Its practice dates back to the origins of pharmacy; yet, compounding's presence in the pharmacy profession has changed over the years.
Evansville, IN 812-476-6194

Lynn's Pharmacy
Brazil, IN 812-446-2381

Mar Main Pharmacy
After 80 years of continuous service to the community, and three renovations, particularly in the compounding of medications and consultation areas, Mar-Main Pharmacy continues to provide unprecedented service to the medical community, educators, and the community at large as a major source of drug information and education.
South Bend, IN 574-234-3184

McClure Drugs & Compounding Center
Clarksville, IN 812-283-7941

Meridian North Pharmacy
Meridian North Pharmacy focuses on specialty pharmacy services – pharmaceutical compounding and disease management in such therapeutic areas as women's health, natural hormone replacement therapy, pain management and dermatology.
Indianapolis, IN 317-846-6654

Nora Apothecary Inc.
Nora Apothecary compounds customized medications for human and veterinary drug therapy. Physicians and veterinarians are often faced with unique, medicine-related problems. Customized medications that are preservative-free, in unique dosage forms, in individualized doses or commercially unavailable compounds can resolve drug treatment failures.
Indianapolis, IN 317-251-9547

Pharmacy Care Solutions, Inc
The staff at Pharmacy Care Solutions is out to change that. We are committed to total patient care. Your compounded prescriptions will be made to our stringent quality standards and each patient will receive thorough counseling on their medications.
Columbus, IN 812-376-9650

Precision Compounding Pharmacy
New Albany, IN 866-941-9301

Precision Compounding Pharmacy of Corydon
New Albany, IN 812-734-0456

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Greensburg
Compounding & You If you or a member of your family has any of the following problems, stop in your local Medicine Shoppe® pharmacy and ask if prescription compounding is right for you. •Taste sensitivities •Allergies to dyes and preservatives •Problems swallowing even small tablets •Discontinued medication •A pet that refuses to take medication
Greensburg, IN 812-662-8550

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Tipton
Whether you have sensitive skin, allergies or are simply tired of a medication that taste bad, Specialized Care Centers - Compounding can offer you the relief you deserve. Compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications using pure, active ingredients to solve problems or meet specific customer needs.
Tipton, IN 765-675-2626

Vyto's Pharmacy
Vyto's Pharmacy's custom compounding is a proud member of the Professional Compounding Center of America and one of Northwest Indiana's oldest compounding pharmacies. Dedicated to compounding, Vyto's Pharmacy offers Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT).
Hammond, IN 219-845-2900

Westmoreland Pharmacy
ccThe symptoms of hormone imbalance – hot flashes, mood swings, chronic fatigue or a lack of sexual desire – can make life less enjoyable and fulfilling. There can be many reasons for a change in a woman’s hormone levels - aging being merely the most common -but the important thing is to determine if hormone imbalance is the reason for your symptoms and what those levels are.
New Albany, IN 812-944-6500

Zale Drugs
Compounding is the art of taking raw chemicals and making them into forms and strengths specific to a patient's needs. Pharmacies used to make most of their medication this way. With the institution of big drug companies, compounding became burdensome to some.
Warsaw, IN 574-267-7356

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